Letter: Govern by compromise



Once again, we are witnessing how the men and women we elected to represent us in Washington, D.C., and run the federal government, our elected senators and House representatives, are unwilling to sit down together and work out a budget compromise for the good of our nation and for us, the same citizens who elected them.

To other nations of the world, our elected officials must look like a group of buffoons. They certainly look that way to me.

In Great Britain, when elected members of Parliament fail to form a government which functions properly, the prime minister may dissolve Parliament and call for new elections. Other European nations are able to take similar actions.

If our elected officials knew they'd be out of a job unless they compromised, we wouldn't have today's standoff. Perhaps it's time for us to amend our Constitution or otherwise make a similar course of action available here in the U.S.?

Ralph W. Burke