Letter: Understand risks of coal



Ambre Energy proposes to ship up to 44 million tons of coal through here by rail (“Hearings to begin on coal terminal,” Sept. 16).

Please, if possible, attend the Oct. 9 hearing at Clark County Fairgrounds and demand a full impact study.

As a registered nurse who worked full time for over 30 years, I know our history of poor knowledge regarding harmful substances.

We thought lead paint was OK. It was cheaper. Now, we learned that lead causes nerve damage and brain damage, so we protect our children.

We used mercury to fill cavities. Now, we find mercury fillings linked to Alzheimer’s disease and other brain damage.

Coal contains mercury and lead. Both are toxic to brains, especially if we pump them into the air from coal-burning factories, or dump coal or coal dust into the Columbia River Gorge. Fish absorb mercury and lead from the river!

Coal contains many other poisonous substances. Just look at the coal mining towns here and overseas to see big coal corporations’ legacy of bringing irreversible health damage to all.

No thanks. Clean energy, please.

Dorethea Simone