Weather Eye: Here’s hoping you enjoyed the beautiful weekend weather




Ah, soaking in the sunshine was the highlight of my week. I managed to get maybe a last round of fresh air and sunshine in my chaise lounge before the long cold winter months. I hope you had a chance to get outside.

More clouds and showers will be back as the work week begins. They’ll linger a couple of days before we have another break in the succession of weather fronts.

I had many reports of frost Friday and Saturday mornings around the county in the outlying areas. My morning low Saturday in Salmon Creek was a chilly 36 degrees.

Easterly winds helped keep the fog away Saturday and brought our highs back up to normal. We would expect a high of 68 degrees for this time of the year, and we managed to pass the 70-degree mark in some neighborhoods.

The snow is flying up in Alaska this weekend as the winter season kicks in. Speaking of snow, did you see the Cascade peaks yesterday? Mount Hood and Mount St. Helens were looking good dressed in their usual white.

Have you noticed the abundance of fir cones and maple seed pods? My backyard is littered with the fun little whirlybirds. I haven’t seen that in many years. The squirrels are going crazy. Does that mean a rough winter? I certainly wouldn’t be surprised. The winter weather meeting at OMSI is in three weeks, so we will find out what a few forecasters have to say.

Rainfall reports are still dribbling in from last month. More on that soon. One observer had 20 inches of rain!

See you Tuesday.