Letter: A solution for texting and driving



In response to “AT&T message: Texting can wait” (Associated Press, Sept. 29), I believe there are better alternatives to prevent texting while driving. Mobile carriers have spent millions in advertising against the use of devices. I’m wondering why the problem isn’t ended permanently by disabling cellphone use while vehicles are in motion?

Young adults are ruining their own lives while harming other lives by a seemingly harmless text message. If these devices can be used for watching movies, social networking, turning on lights in your house, GPS navigation, and to track your bodily motion during exercise, then why not create an app that automatically detects the speed you are traveling and automatically shut down when it detects high speed? We have lived without cellphones in the past and if these companies would make it where one has to pull over to use the device wouldn’t it be worth saving millions of lives each year?

Companies should quit wasting money getting people to resist the temptation and refuse to serve a device while a vehicle is in motion. Other products, such as “The Blow and Go,” used to keep drunk drivers off the road, have had a huge success rate.

Linda McVae