Vancouver business licenses




Business licenses issued by the city of Vancouver in September.

10 Nails Salon, Rose Ngo, owner, 2510 Columbia House Blvd., service.

1st Avenue Hair, Dan Tran, owner, 155 N.E. 192nd Ave., hair salon.

Acacia Advertising, Patrick Koch and Kathy Koch, owners, 2113 S.E. 146th Ave., promotional products.

All Weather Tree and Landscape, Mark Miller, owner, 1815 N.W. 94th St., tree trimming, removal, landscaping.

Alva Horizons, Marvin K. Kendall and Kathryn J. Kendall, owners, 10501 N.E. 21st St., leather, vinyl, plastic restoration and repair.

Ark Construction, Oelg Gorlachev and Konstantin Federov, owners, 17705 S.E. 17th Drive, siding and window installation.

Artegan, Ronnie Cook and Warren Page, owners, 4610 N.E. 77th Ave., Suite 132, management company for assisted and independent living.

Bayou Fete Artistry, P.J. Lecompte, owner, 412 Cedar St., sculpture, jewelry design and crafting.

Best Connection, Vitalie Sorbala, owner, 5000 N.E. 130th Ave., interstate trucking.

Blind Onion Pizza Orchards, Jeremy McCullough, owner, 6115 N.E. 114th Ave., Suite 101, restaurant.

Chet Golding, Charlton Golding, owner, 14808 S.E. Valencia Drive, Suite 57, computing consulting.

Clearwater, Brendan Addis and Lorraine Rau, owners, 2405 W. 31st St., environmental education.

Columbia Pain and Spine Institute, Oelg Maksimov, owner, 417 S.E. 164th Ave., medical practice.

Common Grounds Cruzin Cafe, Donald Travis Coffman, owner, 18316 N.E. 32nd St., mobile espresso cafe.

Connect Wireless, Dave Wayne, owner, 8700 N.E. Vancouver Mall Drive, Suite 153, retail.

Danforth Signs and Carving, Jeff Danforth and Emma Danforth, owners, 12700 S.E. Angus St., routed trail signs for U.S. Forest Service.

David W. Meyer Attorney at Law, David W. Meyer, owner, 900 Washington St., Suite 800.

Dollar Tree, Gary Philbin and William A. Old Jr., owners, 6700 N.E. 162nd Ave., variety retail.

E & S Management, Troy Ding, owner, 500 W. 17th St., property management.

Easy Mart, Balibar Singh and Onkar Singh, owners, 11200 N.E. 28th St., groceries and gas.

Eugene H. Tennyson P.S., Eugene H. Tennyson, owner, 203 S.E. Park Plaza Drive, Suite 215, law firm.

Euro Delight, Vitaliy Shkurov and Viktoriya Shkurov, owners, 14602 N.E. Fourth Plain Road, grocery and bakery store.

Fuego, Marc Winkleman and Paul Hoffman, owners, 8700 N.E. Vancouver Mall Drive, Suite 163, retail gift items.

Globalwise, Bruce Prenguber, owner, 9311 S.E. Butte Ave., economics analysis.

Great Cuts Hair Salon, Mai Han Thi Ngo, owner, 8600 E. Mill Plain Blvd., Suite D.

Gregory Garateix-Doll, Gregory Garateix-Doll, owner, 2404 S.E. 161st Court, Suite G-51, cab driver.

Isco Industries, James Kirchdorfer Jr. and Mark Kirchdorfer, owners, 2503 S.E. Hidden Way, Suite 100, Building 10, retail & wholesale HDPE pipe and accessories.

Karen Asbury Integrative Bodywork, Karen Asbury and Paul Asbury, owners, 14801 N.E. 33rd St., massage therapy and Reiki.

Koala Express R.C. Helicopters, Zachi Moshe, owner, 8700 N.E. Vancouver Mall Drive, retail sales, trackless train ride.

Leavitt Signature Development, Tim Leavitt, owner, 10800 S.E. 17th Circle, Suite 48, land development consulting.

Love That Letter, Joe Aleman, owner, 8700 N.E. Vancouver Mall, photography sales.Mueller Handyman Services, Edward J. Mueller, owner, 16011 N.E. 43rd St.

Orchards Tap, Cynthia Weyhrich, owner, 10514 N.E. Fourth Plain Road, beer, wine, spirits, food.

PC Rescue Wiz, Tapiwa Chitembure, owner, 7807 N.E. 12th St., Suite 29, computer repair.

Refresh Therapy, Bryanna Goodman, owner, 16701 S.E. McGillivray Blvd., Suite 215.

Regents Bank, Grandpoint Capital Inc., owner, 2001 S.E. Columbia River Drive, Suite 101.

RPM Iras Muffler, Robert G. Prentice and Janet L Prentice, owners, 12209 N.E. Fourth Plain Blvd., retail.

Rusty Rowboat, Ian Stewart and Mykel Lysek, owners, 400 E. Evergreen Blvd., Suite 322, role playing game development and sales.

Ruthless Studio, Ruth Bosckis, owner, 14300 S.E. Seventh Way, personal training primarily in clients’ homes.

Superior Freezers, Steve Levine and Gabriela Levine, owners, 10914 N.E. 39th St., Suite B-3, sales of ice cream freezers.

Tabby Cat Communications, Cheryl Landes, owner, 19215 S.E. 34th St., Suite 106-203, Camas, technical writing, editing, indexing, research.

Tara May Ph.D., Tara May, owner, 756 Officers Row, mental health.

The Cats Meow Luxury Boarding, Joanne K. Schmidt, owner, 330 N.E. Chkalov Drive, Suite B, cat boarding facility.

The Mighty Bowl — Clark College, Steve Valenta and Kevin Degrow, owners, 1933 Fort Vancouver Way, food cart.

Urban N.W. Homes, Joel Stalder, owner, 1004 W. 13th St., Suite 110, real estate brokerage.

Vancouver Janitorial Service, Ray Lara and Melissa Lara, owners, 16112 N.E. 81st St.

Vitamin World, Jack Krause and Vicki McGuire, owners, 8700 N.E. Vancouver Mall Drive, retail vitamins and supplements.

Walgreens, James A. Skinner and Gregory D. Wasson, owners, 1905 S.E. 164th Ave., retail.

Watkins Custom Construction, Christopher T. Watkins and Tina M. Watkins, owners, 7308 N.E. 335th Circle, La Center, general contractor.

Wee Care Day Care and Preschool, Gaylynn Little and Michael Little, owners, 12914 N.E. 28th St.

Willie’s Corner Cafe, Inderjee Singh and Harvinder Singh, owners, 4306 N.E. St. Johns Road.

Wonder Weird, Kayla Mayer, owner, 1017 W. 39th St., illustration and freelance.

Z Laundromat Diveshirtonline, Steven Haygood and Jaynee Haygood, owners, 5212 N.E. St. Johns Road, Suite A, coin laundry and internet clothing sales.