Weather Eye: In short term, look for on again, off again showers




We managed to swing a home run with the beautiful weather over the weekend. But alas, it was back to the dugout with the game over Monday with clouds and showers and things on the chilly side. Another weather system drops down from the north with more clouds and showers today.

We will see this pattern of on again, off again showers dropping down from the north the next five days or so. Most of the activity may tend to be east of the Cascades, where snow will fall down to pass levels at times. Don’t expect much, but a heavy shower could drop an inch or two. The ground is still fairly warm at that level on the mountains, so it wouldn’t last.

Looking at the computer models Monday I did not have good confidence in the extended range, but it goes like this: showers today, dry Wednesday, showers Thursday, dry Friday, showers Saturday and dry Sunday. But really as these weak weather systems slide down, the positioning is critical to how much rain will fall.

One local forecaster has issued his winter outlook. Rod Hill of says we will have neutral conditions this winter with the absence of El Nino or La Nina. Precipitation will be wetter than average for the winter by nearly 6 inches. (We did that a couple of weekends ago).

He expects the Cascades to have another good year of snowfall. Check out his website for more. See you Thursday.