Letter: Due diligence discovers savings



The Vancouver school district made a great decision to install a $4,000 shower for Superintendent Steve Webb. Assuming the shower has a life expectancy of 20 years and is used twice a week, the cost will be $1.92 per shower or $200 per year.

The school district currently incurs travel costs to allow Webb to go home, shower, and return for district business in the evening. The cost break-even point is less than four years, thus avoiding costs in the following 16 years.

Further, if one half-hour of travel time is avoided per shower, 1,040 hours in 20 years can be converted to productive work without increasing Webb’s total workweek. This allows time to develop additional benefits to the district.

Most importantly, it’s refreshing that:

1) The school board understands that there is a trust, flexibility, and economic value in allowing staff to work within certain parameters.

2) Webb is concerned about productivity, costs, and how he represents the school district and us the public.

3) Staff recommended the proper installation.

However, it is also important to communicate a good decision. With a little more due diligence, The Columbian’s reporting and opinion could have been positive.

Ross Hollister