Man reunited with cat who was lost for a year



James Raasch and his longtime companion, Odie, are reunited after the cat had been missing for a year.

BREMERTON — Rescued from the streets of Naples, Italy, when a former Washington man was stationed with the Navy, Odie the cat was James Raasch’s companion for more than a decade until she vanished a year ago.

He searched for her unsuccessfully in Bremerton, and a few months ago he moved to Davis, Calif.

That picture changed this past week when the Kitsap Humane Society tracked down Raasch to tell him Odie had been found and identified by her microchip.

Turns out she had joined a feral cat colony in East Bremerton. A woman who monitors the colony noticed this cat was different.

“She was a cuddler,” Humane Society cat expert Tara Trezona said. And the cuddler had a chip.

Raasch headed back to Kitsap County this weekend, and the two were reunited Friday.