Comcast, Twitter create new feature for watching TV shows



LOS ANGELES — Comcast Corp. has struck a partnership with Twitter to try to capitalize on the huge volume of social media conversations about TV shows.

Media companies, including Comcast, have been scurrying to find ways to channel these conversations on the so-called “second screen” into more viewers for their programming.

The partnership between the two companies will allow Comcast cable Xfinity customers to access NBC TV shows, including “The Voice,” “Blacklist,” “Chicago Fire,” movies and sporting events, including “Sunday Night Football,” directly from a Twitter message.

The company has developed a feature, which it calls “See It,” that is designed to funnel its Comcast customers who use Twitter to the show with a click of a button.

“Comcast is taking a leap forward in social TV by enabling Twitter users to more easily find and view the shows they want to watch and discover new shows,” Brian Roberts, chief executive of Comcast, said in a prepared statement. “Twitter complements the live viewing experience and is an ideal partner for Comcast and NBCUniversal.”

The feature is expected to roll out in November for shows that run on NBCUniversal networks. The companies wanted to have the new feature running before NBC’s broadcast of the Winter Olympics in February.

Here is how it will work: The See It button will enable a menu of options, including allowing viewers to tune into the television live, set their DVR to record the show or queue it up through the Comcast On Demand feature on their set-top box. They will also have the ability to tune in to a show online or on their mobile device.

The cable giant said the relationship with Twitter includes advertising opportunities for its wholly owned media company, NBCUniversal. It plans to embed sponsored video clips into tweets to promote its shows.