Weather Eye: Here’s hoping for a fine autumn interlude this week




I thought I’d take a trip over the long holiday weekend and ended up on Whidbey Island, an old haunt of mine for getting away from it all. The weather on the drive up Friday from Vancouver was interesting, to say the least.

I didn’t think we would get any rain after Thursday, but alas, it followed the weatherman. Leaving Vancouver it was just plain old overcast — no rain. But we had on again, off again drizzle or light showers up I-5. I thought to myself, “If it is going to be raining anywhere it would be in Chehalis.” Yep, it was close to a frog strangler. Doesn’t it always seem to be raining there when you travel through?

Yet, a few miles up the road at the factory outlets in Centralia, it was partly sunny (OK, maybe partly cloudy). It was pleasant in Tacoma but rained all the way through Seattle.

On the ferry it was overcast, but the sun came out once we hit the island. You can run, but you cannot hide — but maybe I lost the weather gods crossing the Sound.

Along the way the leaves were brilliant and further into fall the farther north I traveled. I probably say this every year, but the fall foliage seems more colorful this year. I saw flocks of geese migrating south from Puget Sound.

It was dry up here Saturday.

Based on computer models, we may get to enjoy a week or so of Indian summer with warm and sunny afternoons. Technically, Indian summer is a stretch of nice weather after the first frost. Some of you have already had that. Regardless, I’m hoping that high pressure holds this week and we enjoy a fine autumn interlude.