Letter: Same benefit but at a higher cost



When evaluating the benefits, or lack thereof, of the Affordable Care Act, here are two thoughts.

First, I am employed by a major company in Washington and have a decent, high-deductible health insurance plan. I just received my 2014 open enrollment package. My premium for this plan will increase 124 percent over last year. Yes, I can keep my plan (for now), President Obama, but at a high cost. Perhaps the president just forgot to mention that … uh, right.

Second, where is the discussion of the deductibles that must be paid by individuals before the chosen insurance plan kicks in for coverage? Not only will folks possibly pay a high premium but the deductible amount could be extremely high.

Can you imagine the impact to those struggling to get by, especially young people with families, or those working part time? I am just astounded and angered about this government boondoggle that is and will create real hardships for my neighbors.

Jim Bunker