Washington mails 3.2 million voters’ pamphlets



OLYMPIA — The state Elections Division is mailing the voters’ pamphlet this week to all 3.2 million households in Washington.

The secretary of state’s office says there are 18 regional editions, including the Chinese, Vietnamese and Spanish versions.

The pamphlet averages 32 pages, compared to about 150 pages in last year’s general election.

The only statewide measures this time are two initiatives: I-517 would grant more time and protection for initiative campaigns. I-522 would require labeling for genetically modified foods.

Most of the races for this election are for mayors, city and county councils and other local positions and ballot measures. Some counties go in with the state pamphlet and others publish their own voters’ pamphlet.

The Washington pamphlet also is available online through the secretary of state’s website.