Callaghan: Not all unimportant questions come with answers




In hopes of adding to America’s lack of knowledge of public affairs, we ask 30 questions but provide absolutely zero answers.

  1. Since the federal government shutdown allows only “essential” employees to work, why is Vice President Joe Biden still reporting?
  2. What is more troubling: That there is a Tea Party wing of the U.S. House of Representatives or of the U.S. Supreme Court?
  3. How is U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia any different than most in Washington, D.C., when he says he consumes news only from outlets that confirm his political beliefs?
  4. How is he different than most Americans who think Fox News and MSNBC are fair and balanced but The New York Times and NBC are biased?
  5. How long will we use the term “Obamacare?”
  6. Is a term that seemed appropriate while health care was being debated still appropriate now that it is a major federal program?
  7. Why don’t we call Medicare and Medicaid Johnsoncare?
  8. Will we still use “Obamacare” when it is being administered by President Hillary Clinton or President Rand Paul?
  9. Did I just use the words “president,” “Rand” and “Paul” in sequence?
  10. Should it make us proud when a recent CNBC poll showed that 46 percent of Americans oppose “Obamacare” while only 37 percent oppose the Affordable Care Act?
  11. How do they feel about Johnsoncare?
  12. Aren’t we all glad that Major League Baseball is cracking down on performance-enhancing drugs by banning a batch of star players but letting them return in time for the postseason?
  13. Speaking of gifts from baseball commissioner Bud Selig, is he really so powerful that he can create the one-game “series?”
  14. Will I ever forgive him for stealing the Seattle Pilots and making them the Milwaukee Brewers even though it was 43 years ago?
  15. Sticking to the topic of owners who break our hearts, can Mariners CEO Howard Lincoln really believe that his organization is on track because the stadium experience is among the best in baseball?
  16. How long can tasty garlic fries take the place of quality teams?
  17. How many CEOs could get away with saying, when assessing the performance of the organization, “let’s separate baseball out?”
  18. Would it be OK for the head of Boeing to say, “let’s separate out the whole building of airplanes thing” before saying not to worry about planes catching fire because the factories are clean and the cafeteria food is top notch?
  19. I love Washington’s initiative process, but is it the appropriate forum for complex issues such as genetically modified food?
  20. Initiative 522 might be a great idea, but should we at least wonder why its biggest donor, giving about $2 million so far, is Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps?
  21. Seattle’s upscale University Village shopping center is adding an upscale version of Starbucks called Starbucks Reserve because regular Starbucks isn’t upscale enough?
  22. Is the five-buck coffee now relegated to “regular people” so the wealthy and sophisticated can start dropping a ten-spot at Starbucks Reserve?
  23. When will Washington start seeing that windfall of greenbacks from the sale of legalized marijuana?
  24. Will Washington follow Colorado’s lead and consider tripling the pot tax, even though it runs the risk of killing the goose that laid the golden reefer?
  25. How long before pot tax money replaces Lottery proceeds as the myth that won’t die — you know the one, how we were promised that Lottery money would cover all public education costs?
  26. Why does Twitter get a free accuracy pass whenever a big breaking news event is happening?
  27. Even after disastrous “coverage” of things like the Boston Marathon bombings and Hurricane Sandy, why do news organizations still think it’s better to be fast than correct?
  28. Is it because none suffered with readers or ratings despite the errors?
  29. When is the Seattle SuperSonics’ home opener?
  30. Was that last question too cruel?