Weather Eye: September was wet; so far, Oct. driest since 2008




OK, before we go too far let’s review some rainfall from September as promised from your friends and neighbors: I had 6.01 inches here in Salmon Creek; Claudia Chiasson, Carson, 14.29 inches; Tyler Mode, Battle Ground, 8.11 inches; Judy Darke, Felida, 5.51 inches; Bob Starr, Cougar, 20.21 inches; Phil Delany, Dole Valley, 14.80 inches; Robin Ruzek, Lake Shore, 5.44 inches; Pete Conrad near Tukes Mountain, 8.50 inches; Dave Campbell, one mile west of Heisson, 8.70 inches; Tyler Mode from his Minnehaha station, 5.79 inches; Barry Fitzthum, Amboy, 9.20 inches; Larry Lebsack, Northeast Hazel Dell, 8.42 inches; Tom Dixon, Amboy, 10.76 inches; Chuck Houghten, Hockinson Heights, 8.94 inches; and Irving St. Germain, Prune Hill, 6.22 inches.

Still no end in sight of our fine Indian summer weather. We went from very wet in September to very dry in October. I think we all could get use to this for a while. Miss the rain yet? One computer model shows no hint of rain the remaining days of the month. So far it is the driest October since 2008, when we had a little over 1.5 inches.

I would expect this weekend to be a busy one for visits to the various pumpkin patches in the region. And a good one weather wise. The muddy ground has had a chance to dry and firm up so no stuck-in-the-mud issues. Many of those pumpkins have had frost on them due to the chilly mornings lately.

Speaking of chilly mornings, with overnight lows dipping into the 30s in many areas, it is driving inside the vast invasion of stink bugs. They sure want to get inside your home. I have noticed many on the sides of my house and windows soaking up the late afternoon sunshine. They are quick to sneak inside if the door is left open or windows without screens.

It seems like there is always something going on with whatever type of weather we have. These bugs probably think the cold weather “stinks.” OK, I will sign off and chat with you on Sunday!

Patrick Timm is a local weather specialist. His column appears Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays.