Witness in fatal-shooting case to remain in jail




Shandi R. Danielson, 21 In a Clackamas County Jail mugshot

The only known eyewitness to the killing of Matthew M. Clark in October 2012 will remain in jail as a material witness indefinitely after she violated a judge’s order and disappeared for five months.

Shandi R. Danielson, 21, appeared Thursday in front of Clark County Superior Court Judge Scott Collier to determine if she would remain in custody. Vancouver police located her Oct. 7 at a local Walgreens store and arrested her on a material witness warrant.

Darrell C. Fry, 33, and Kirk M. Hernandez Sr., 42, are accused of fatally shooting Clark on Oct. 1, 2012, at Clark’s home at 9610 N.E. 25th Ave. The men allegedly were trying to settle a debt over firearms stolen in a residential burglary.

Fry and Hernandez are scheduled for trial Nov. 4 and Dec. 2, respectively.

Earlier this year, Collier held Danielson for two months in the Clark County Jail without charge because of concerns she wouldn’t respond to witness subpoenas.

She has a history of drug use and criminal activity, according to court documents.

Collier said he released her May 14 because she appeared to be increasingly cooperative with authorities. As a condition of her release, she was required to check in daily with the court’s supervised release program. Three days later, she vanished, and a warrant was issued for her arrest.