Man fleeing party bust gets hooked on fence



EUGENE, Ore. — An intoxicated 19-year-old man was rushed to a hospital Thursday night after he pierced his thigh on a wrought-iron fence tip he tried to hop over as he ran from a noisy party that Eugene police had just busted, a police department spokeswoman said Friday.

The man slipped and became stuck on a fence that he had tried to clear shortly after 11 p.m., police spokeswoman Melinda McLaughlin said.

While impaled on the fence, the man was able to contact friends who notified police that he had been injured, McLaughlin said.

Medics removed the man from the fence and took him to a hospital.

McLaughlin did not release the man’s name and said she did not know whether he is a college student.

Officers had arrived in response to noise complaints, McLaughlin said.They ticketed seven partygoers for being minors in possession of alcohol, but the injured man was not one of them.Six of the seven MIP citations went to University of Oregon students, McLaughlin said; the party’s two hosts, both 19-year-old UO students, were charged with MIP, prohibited noise and allowing minors to consume alcohol.

She said the hosts were “very compliant” with police, who decided against arresting them or ticketing them for violating the city’s “unruly gathering” ordinance.

Officers did not issue tickets to an additional 40 to 45 people who were found at the party, McLaughlin said.