Weather Eye: After that wet September, enjoyable October stretch continues




Saturday was a day of contrast across Western Washington. Vancouver basked in sunshine all day with afternoon highs running in the mid-60s. North of Chehalis to the Canadian border, it was socked in with low clouds and fog, with afternoon temperatures in the mid-40s.

We can thank an easterly flow of air through the Gorge, expanding out over extreme Southwest Washington and into Oregon, for the clear skies. Without it we would be some 20 degrees cooler or so. Some areas in Clark County had fog Saturday morning and others were clear. Regardless, most of the day was sunny.

I must say, after the deluge to end September, I wondered whether we would get a few days of sunny and warm weather. An Indian summer break. Well, we sure did, and it will linger a while longer.

How much longer? Looking at computer forecast models, outside of some pressure changes that may induce some morning fog or low clouds at times, it could remain dry through the end of October.

If you can sneak away Monday or Tuesday to the beach, it will be around 70 degrees or so, as I expect the east wind to pick up a bit. Imagine, no crowds and summer-like weather. It just doesn’t get any better than that. OK, I envision a lot of people calling in sick Monday (maybe I will see you at Cannon Beach, ha ha).

So what if it remains dry for another 11 days? Will November be a wet month? So far this autumn, we have gone in extremes, with a very wet period and now a very dry period. I think it is anyone’s guess at this point. No one really predicted all that rain far in advance, nor this long dry spell.

November may be a surprise month, so stay tuned.