Not all Clark County freeholder hopefuls’ info filed

As of Friday, 38 of 110 had yet to submit required C1 form




Of the 110 candidates for Clark County freeholder, 72 had filed the basic candidate information required by state law by mid-afternoon Friday.

Candidates are required to file the “C1” candidate registration form, which asks for contact information and how in-depth their campaign finance reporting will be, within two weeks of announcing their candidacy. The 72 individuals in compliance as of Friday were listed on the Public Disclosure Commission’s public website.

The PDC had yet to provide names of candidates who filed their required “F1” personal financial affairs form, which asks

about personal income, investments and debts.

Lori Anderson, spokeswoman for the PDC, said in September that the PDC contacts people who have yet to file with a gentle reminder up to election day.

Penalties can be levied against candidates as a last resort, but Anderson said, “Hopefully, they all file before the election.”

The reason the freeholders are required to file the information for a job that is nonpaying and temporary in nature has to do with how campaign disclosure laws are drafted in Washington.

“One of the triggers for having to file a registration is if it’s a countywide office,” Anderson told The Columbian in September.

“To exempt freeholders at this point would take legislation.”

Candidates listed Friday as filed at the Public Disclosure Commission website

District 1


Darren S. Wertz (Position 1)

?Marlene “Korczakowski” Adams (Position 1)

Ann Rivers (Position 2)

Dan Sockle (Position 2)

Donald A. Leonard (Position 2)

Doug Ballou (Position 2)

Tom Lawrence (Position 2)

?Jackie (Jacqueline) Lane (Position 3)

Joseph Zarelli (Position 3)

Rob Lutz (Position 3)

Tim Podhora (Position 3)

?Ben Meyer (Position 4)?Meyer is listed in the wrong year. His information is found in 2014.

Chris Lockwood (Position 4)

Fiona Humphrey (Position 4)

Peter Silliman (Position 4)

Troy Van Dinter (Position 4)

Dick Deleissegues (Position 5)

Patricia Reyes (Position 5)

Ralph Akin (Position 5)

Randy Mueller (Position 5)

Sherry Erickson (Position 5)

Wendy Lyn Smith (Position 5)

Did not file

Dale Smith (Position 1)

Garry Lucas (Position 1)

Morris Foutch (Position 1)

Ron Onslow (Position 1)

Scott McElhaney (Position 1)

Bridget Schwarz (Position 3)

David A. Darby (Position 3)

?Richard (Dick) Rylander ?(Position 3)

Scott Edwards (Position 3)

John Main (Position 4)

Mark Gawecki (Position 4)

Sharon Ferguson (Position 4)

Steve Foster (Position 4)

David Standal (Position 5)

Patrick Bourcier (Position 5)

Patrick O’Rourke (Position 5)

R. “Bob” Freund (Position 5)

Troy Maxoy (Position 5)

District 2


Jamie Hurly (Position 1)

Joel Littauer (Position 1)

Nan Henriksen (Position 1)

Rob Perkins (Position 1)

Thomas Hann (Position 1)

Debbie Abraham (Position 2)

Esther Schrader (Position 2)

Ken Kakuk (Position 2)

Lloyd Halverson (Position 2)

Tracy S. Wilson (Position 2)

Jim Martin (Position 3)

John Burke (Position 3)

Judie Stanton (Position 3)

Liz Pike (Position 3)

Russell Boten (Position 3)

Paul Dennis (Position 4)

Roger Neilson (Position 4)

Adam Baldwin (Position 5)

Chuck Miller (Position 5)

Did not file

Cheryl Bledsoe (Position 1)

Diana H. Perez (Position 1)

John Bryden (Position 2)

Dimitry Mishchuk (Position 4)

?Anthony “Tony” McMigas ?(Position 5)

Bentley Brookes (Position 5)

Jacob “Jake” Smith (Position 5)

Marc Boldt (Position 5)

District 3


Craig Riley (Position 1)

?Jeanne Schaefer-Ringo ?(Position 2)

Val Ogden (Position 2)

Alice Anne Williams (Position 3)

?Bruce A Samuelson, Sr. ?(Position 3)

Jerry Keen (Position 3)

Jim Moeller (Position 3)

Keith E. Bellisle (Position 3)

Adrian Gomez (Position 4)

Alex Veliko (Position 4)

Dan Barnes (Position 4)

Don Yingling (Position 4)

Frank L’Amie (Position 4)

Gene C. Ringo (Position 4)

Kyle Greenwood (Position 4)

Michael J. Barry (Position 4)

Sally Fisher (Position 4)

Temple Lentz (Position 4)

?Winde Bekins Chavez (Position 4)

Bob Carroll (Position 5)

Jackie Marsden (Position 5)

?James Taylor “Jimmy Tee” (Position 5)

Jerry Oliver (Position 5)

Jim Dunn (Position 5)

Jim Mains (Position 5)

John Caton (Position 5)

John Jenkins (Position 5)

Mark Monroe (Position 5)

?Thomas Richard Higdon ?(Position 5)

NOTE: One candidate, Rob Figley ?(Position 2) filed but has since died.

Did not file

Pat Jollota (Position 1)

Ryan Palmer (Position 1)

Carolyn Crain (Position 2)

John Lowell Gilbert (Position 2)

David Gray, Jr. (Position 3)

Debbie Peterson (Position 3)

Lowell D. Miller (Position 3)

Mike Woodward (Position 3)

Bill Hughes (Position 4)

Kris Fay (Position 4)

Bill Cismar (Position 5)

Jack Harroun (Position 5)

Mike Yancey (Position 5)