Letter: Extremists are unwelcome



In Clark County, who are the “People”? Everybody. The “People” are young and old, wealthy and poor and in between, living in the rural areas and living in the cities. The “People” are progressive, liberal, moderately conservative, and Tea Party. We all have different ideas on how things should be. Still, we all are the “People.” For any one group or person to claim he or she speaks for the “People” is arrogant. Nobody speaks for the “People” — not even a county commissioner. Especially, if considering the under-vote as well as the votes for David Madore’s opponent, more people did not vote for him than did.

As for Christian Berrigan, operations director of the Clark County Republican Party, I have seen his performance. His arrogant, nasty, flame-throwing behavior toward the chair of the board of Clark County commissioners is appalling. The reporting by Eric Hidle in the Oct. 13 political blog. “If things escalate, where do they go?” confirms my impressions. In his behavior, he is much closer to the Taliban than he is to Thomas Jefferson. We don’t need to have anyone, far left or far right, trying to force his agenda on the rest of us by threats or — may this never happen — by violence.

Gretchen Starke