Letter: More information cannot be bad law



Received the Monsanto & company mailer on Initiative 522. Three reputable newspapers and the Washington Farm Bureau recommend a “No” vote. Convincing arguments, at first blush. I say “Vote Yes on I-522 anyway.” Here’s why:

The opposition again uses the same arguments as used against measures that gave us ingredients lists and nutritional information, both boons to thoughtful shoppers. Don’t believe the numbers about higher grocery prices, expensive bureaucracy or disadvantages to farmers. Corporate greed trots them out to scare citizens into voting against their own best interests.

It isn’t a perfect law. What law is? I’m cynical enough to believe that lobbyists made sure it isn’t perfect just so they can expose the imperfections.

If you think GMOs are questionable for any reason, vote yes. If you don’t have a problem with GMOs, then do some research, because there’s more at stake than you think.

Patty Page