Rural roadways to regain some stripes



Washougal — A few weeks back, we assured readers in a “What’s Up With That?” item that the double yellow line was permanently gone from recently resurfaced Northeast 312th Avenue, north of Washougal River Road.

That was because Clark County Public Works adopted more straightforward guidelines for roadway striping, with road width, traffic volume and crash history all considered — and 312th simply not qualifying, according to spokesman Jeff Mize.

So it was surprising when resident Yvonne Goldsmith, who’d demanded her stripes back, reported the double yellows mysteriously reappearing on 312th on the afternoon of Oct. 15. That happened because of a couple things, Mize said.

One, there was a head-on injury accident on Sept. 15 in north Clark County on a similar road — one that had lost its stripes to a new surface. That’s just the sort of mishap Goldsmith predicted for her own road, and it caused county officials to start reconsidering their new guidelines.

“It is standard procedure to examine accident reports and make adjustments,” Mize said.

The other reason for the returned stripes is a recent stretch of dry weather. Before the rains return, Mize said, the county is hurrying to restripe several rural roads that lost their stripes.