Talking Points: Playing BCS leapfrog



What’s the buzz from the world of sports? Here are some items that will have people talking:


Oregon jumped past Florida State to the No. 2 spot in the latest BCS standings released Sunday.

Next Sunday, assuming Florida State beats No. 7 Miami, the Seminoles will likely pass the Ducks.

The following week, Oregon will probably reclaim the No. 2 spot if it beats No. 5 Stanford the previous Thursday.

That game of leapfrog will have college football fans debating ad nauseam. The fretting will continue until either team loses or top-ranked Alabama gets upset.

Such is life in the BCS. Enjoy it while it lasts.


The NASCAR race at Martinsville on Sunday didn’t sit well with driver Greg Biffle.

The Clark County native angrily confronted Jimmie Johnson on pit road after the race, accusing the five-time champion of running into him and tearing off his rear bumper.

“It takes a lot to get a rear bumper to come off,” Biffle said. “He claims he was inside of me, but it sure felt like he hit me from behind and rubbed it across.”

Biffle grabbed Johnson’s shoulder to get his attention, exchanged words with him, and as he turned to walk away, Johnson reached to grab his arm to finish the discussion.

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The World Series may never draw 20 or 30 million viewers anymore, but this year’s isn’t doing too bad. Especially with finishes like Game 3 on Saturday night.

The 2013 World Series is averaging 13.4 million viewers so far. It’s a big drop from the 30 million viewers for the 1992 World Series, but better than 12.7 million last year.

Bottom line is that there are just too many more channels competing for viewership, and this isn’t a new revelation.

Many have said earlier start times would help, or a shorter regular season, or even schedule games not on football nights.

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