Letter: Scope out Tuesday night’s oil hearing



Regarding the proposed oil terminal at the Port of Vancouver, did you know … ?

On average, every time we use a tank of gasoline, we put 300 pounds of CO2 into the air, and every day we put 80 million tons of carbon dioxide into the air. We are creating a global greenhouse. Leaving a planet like that to our children is like locking them in a car sitting in the sun.

If we continue business as usual, the world won’t be fit to live in by midcentury. In the last two years, we’ve had record floods, record droughts, record wildfires and record blizzards.

Ocean acidification is destroying the livelihood of 3,200 oyster producers in Willapa Bay. The corrosive water that surfaces off our coast is the result of CO2 that entered the sea decades earlier. It will take 50 years for the worst of it to reach the surface.

It is urgent that we switch to the new plug-in hybrids or all-electrics that exceed the equivalent of 80 mpg.

Please attend the scoping hearing for the proposed Vancouver oil terminal at 6 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 29 in Gaiser Hall at Clark College. Wear red to show opposition to the terminal.

Don Steinke