Letter: Tactics of Tea Party objectionable



I generally disagree with The Columbian’s editorial policy, but I’m grateful to the Oct. 11 story, “Evergreen schools see 1 race contested,” alerting us in east Vancouver to the threat of Tea Party Republican Daniel Poletti attempting to infiltrate the Evergreen School Board by running against Julie Bocanegra in District 1.

I’m also grateful to the story for pointing out Poletti’s blog. One thing I’ll say for him: at least we can see from his blog what kind of a person he is politically, and he’s not shy about putting his extremist views on display for all to see.

The Tea Party Republicans are a threat to the safety and well-being of Americans, as we saw in the recent extortionist tactics of our current Republicans in Congress. We must not let the same thing happen in our backyard.

John M. Kowalski