Talking Points: Don’t take FCS football teams lightly





Cupcake parties no more.

Nationwide, there were eight FCS college football teams that beat Division-I opponents. That was twice as many such upsets as the opening week of 2012.

Close to home, No. 25 Oregon State fell to Eastern Washington 49-46 in one of the weekend’s most thrilling games.

The Big 12 is 0-2 against the Missouri Valley Conference, and it took a late touchdown by West Virginia to avoid another opening-weekend loss to an FCS team.

It shows investments top FCS teams have made in their programs are paying off.


The Wall Street Journal put together a map that shows which top-25 college-football team is the most popular in each county nationwide.

The map was created by Facebook, which tracked how many users in each county have “liked” a top-25 team’s Facebook page.

Texas is the most popular top-25 team in 543 counties, the most of any team, followed by Florida (423) and Ohio State (376).

Oregon dominates the West, outpacing Oregon State even in Linn and Benton counties. It show’s Nike’s strategy of making Oregon a national brand is working.


Two men have been arrested for allegedly breaking into Wrigley Field and trying to steal ivy from the historic ballpark’s walls.

The men entered by squeezing through metal security bars at 3:45 a.m., but were spotted by security guards on closed-circuit surveillance cameras, according to reports.

If you’re going to get arrested at a sports venue — not that Talking Points condones such a thing — this is the way to go. It shows much more reverence for a historic place than those idiots who run on the field during games.