Letter: Health law sure to be a train wreck



Anyone who was surprised by the Aug. 28 headline of “PeaceHealth to cut 500 jobs” has had their head in the sand. This Affordable Care Act, aka Obummer care, has been shoved down Americans’ throats. It is now becoming the “train wreck” that soon-to-be former Sen. Max Baucus, D-Mont., predicted. It’s no surprise that Baucus decided to retire in 2014.

My sister is the wife of a small business owner. Their medical insurance has increased on average 18 to 22 percent per year the last three years in anticipation of Obummer care. Their monthly premium is now $1,950 for a family of two with a $5,000 deductible. So, after they drop their insurance, her job will be to stay home and not get sick or injured — it will pay her roughly $24,000 per year.

Our medical system needed to be improved but I compare this change to treating a patient with cancer. You don’t kill the patient and claim that the cancer was cured. We got what the Democrats wanted.

Don’t become ill or injured; there are now 500 less people to take care of you and those who remain will be overworked.

Scott Stephens