Letter: Pressure feds to reduce impact



Regarding the Sept. 1 online story “Clark County in national spotlight in fight over coal and oil terminals,” opponents of the transport of fossil fuels — coal and oil — through the Pacific Northwest are mistaken if they think their activities will have any impact on climate change.

Until there is international agreement that has the support of all nations to no longer extract, transport, or burn coal, oil, and gas, then stoppage of fossil-fuel industries in one place will simply cause the use of different sources or routes for the same fuels. Local residents certainly have many reasons to protect our state from the risks of storing and transporting dangerous cargo, but they should not take such actions with the hope that it will stem climate change.

For those interested in combating climate change, use your time, energy, and money to pressure our federal leaders in Washington, D.C. to broker the necessary Earth-saving deals in the international arena. In addition, work to change the energy mix in the U.S. to noncombustible sources. We already have the technology to supply adequate energy with minimal use of fossil fuels. With our wealth of hydroelectric here in Washington state, we already have a good start.

Grace D. Cumming