Letter: Neighbor stirs up a stink



I live in Felida and through long walks am familiar with the LaDuke farm, now controversial, as reported in the Aug. 30 story, “County OKs Farmers in the Dell.” The property took a long time to sell and I was pleased to see it occupied but somewhat surprised when chickens were introduced. And then ducks and geese and eventually goats and a total menagerie including pigs. I bought eggs there once. Having raised chickens and owned a horse earlier in my life, I am familiar with the varying degrees of animal manure, from mild with chickens, moderate with goats and sheep, stronger with a horse and horrendous with pigs.

LaDuke’s farm operation falls within Clark County guidelines, but all you have to do is look around to see that the majority of homeowners living in north Hazel Dell and Felida are living on city-sized lots. This area is by no means “rural” and nearby homeowners have no way of escaping the gagging smell of pig waste. Neighbors can’t be exaggerating when they say they can’t sit out in their yards, and their property values will definitely fall from the nuisance smell of this farm.

LaDuke might be legally in the right but morally he is in the wrong by creating a stink for his neighbors and this is unfortunate.

Carl Tuttle