Letter: U.S. must act



The Aug. 28 editorial “U.S.-Syria: No intervention,” calling for the U.S. to not attack Syria after President Assad’s regime clearly used chemical weapons on his own people, is reprehensible.

The Columbian’s decision to question President Barack Obama’s possible military strike against Syria does not make any sense. This action against President Assad comes after a civil war that has claimed the lives of 100,000 people and injury to countless more victims. Assad will go to any length to hold onto power which means killing his own people. He has been compared to Hitler and Stalin in the savage way he rules as a dictator in Syria.

We have lived through five years of Obama’s foreign policy, or should I say the absence of it. We have seen country after country in Africa and the Middle East in crisis through military takeover or rebellion. From Libya to Egypt, from Iran to Iraq, to Lebanon and now Syria, the evil march of rebellion has destabilized much of the Arab world.

Obama now has to answer the call for help by many countries to re-establish peace and freedom in that part of the world. If that is what you call the U.S. being the policeman for the world so be it. If we don’t act to stop the slaughter in Syria, who will?

Rolf Knapp