Letter: Object to allotting time for prayer



Having read the Aug. 19 letter “Participation is balanced” from Ralph Warren, I have a few comments. As far as I know, Clark County commissioners are paid to govern, not pray. I have no interest in hearing prayers or invocations from supporters of any deity.

I also seem to recall our “devout” Founding Fathers made a special point of not including any religion or deity in our Constitution. There were a few deists in their number. Trying to properly apportion prayers so as to leave no one out is a loser’s game. At the last count I can recall, there were over 20,000 different flavors of Christianity in the United States alone. If the commissioners want to pray, let them do it on their own time. I have no wish to be governed by anyone who is more interested in pleasing their own personal deity than they are in their constituents.

Religion has no place in government.

Michelle Lundberg