Letter: There ought to be a law



Washington state requires vehicles to have emission tests, so why is it legal to pump vehicle exhaust into the ground to kill a mole? In my cul-de-sac, a neighbor has convinced the on-site owner that this will kill moles. He hooks up a device with a hose to his exhaust pipe, inserts the hose into the ground and sits with the truck idling for over an hour. The ground and air is saturated with exhaust pollution. If the hose is too short, he will connect a garden hose which leaks exhaust fumes from that connection. Last year he was putting it so close to the foundation that the fumes would rise under the old house siding, triggering the carbon monoxide monitor. The owner told me it is legal and it is working. If it is working, how come he did it 41 times last year and so far 15 times this year?

I have contacted many agencies (EPA, health department, fire and police department, air quality board) to find a regulation against this type of soil, water, air pollution contamination, and animal cruelty. There are none. Tell your representatives to make a law preventing this absurd and senseless act of pollution.

Terri Gillingham