High school credits teachers for improved test scores




Last year’s test scores at Ridgefield High School were the best in the district’s history, according to the Washington Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction.

The district’s 2012-13 High School Proficiency Exam scores for sophomores showed double-digit improvements in biology, writing and math 1. Math 2 and reading also improved over last year’s scores.

High school Principal Tony Vandermass credited the improvements to a dedicated teaching staff. Each teaching department develops what’s known as a school improvement plan to set goals for their students’ learning. The teaching staff uses external assessments to verify when they attain their goals.

“We look for strengths that complement the hiring department to make sure the new teacher will make a good fit with our existing staff,” he said.

Ridgefield School District’s 10th-graders received the highest scores in the county for reading, math 1, and biology. They came in second behind Camas School District for math 2 and writing by a narrow margin of 0.2 percentage point for the former and 0.3 percentage point for the latter.