Erika Johnson wins big for trees



Cascade Highlands: Champion tree hugger Erika Johnson has won the Silva Bolds-Whitfield award for promoting urban forestry in Vancouver.

Cascade Highlands — Neighborhood resident Erika Johnson, a leading local tree hugger who has chaired the Vancouver Urban Forestry Commission — and who also works as master gardener coordinator for the Washington State University Clark County Extension — has won the prestigious Silva Bolds-Whitfield award. That’s an award presented by the Urban Forestry Commission to a Vancouver citizen who has gone to extraordinary lengths to advance urban and community forestry. Johnson’s dedication and work with the nonprofit Friends of Trees has led to the planting of hundreds of new trees in Cascade Highlands alone, and thousands more throughout the city. She will receive her award at 11 a.m. on Sept. 21 at the Silva Bolds-Whitfield Memorial Plaza at 1300 Main St., where her name will be permanently etched in a stone fountain alongside other award winners.