Letter: Criticism for CRC failure misdirected



The Sept. 5 editorial, “Ignoring it won’t help: Governor’s proposal for CRC doesn’t address needs of Southwest Washington,” was disappointing.

While I didn’t like the news that Gov. Jay Inslee would consider a transportation revenue package without the Columbia River Crossing, I was more disappointed in The Columbian editorial team’s willingness to blame Inslee for our current situation and ignore the political history of the past nine months.

The editorial ignored Inslee’s repeated trips to Vancouver to understand the transportation needs of Southwest Washington and the driving factors for a new CRC.

The editorial ignored Inslee’s long and active support of the CRC despite political pressures from many other groups around Washington state to jettison this regionally important project so the rest of the revenue package could move forward. It also ignores his recent letter of support.

The editorial ignored the strong and steadfast opposition of the Washington Senate Majority Coalition Caucus — led by Ann Rivers, R-La Center, Don Benton, R-Vancouver, Curtis King, R-Yakima, and many members of the 17th and 18th Legislative districts — to any revenue package that included the CRC.

If anyone deserves blame for Clark County getting shortchanged, it is those who spent the past nine months actively opposing this project and ignoring the economic needs of Clark County residents, not Inslee.

Paul Montague