Trojan unicorn moved to private property



A 20-foot-tall Trojan unicorn was moved from a city street Wednesday onto private property.

As reported in a Sept. 7 Columbian story, Frank James Mabry III had placed the unicorn outside his friend’s home in the Hudson’s Bay neighborhood and was told by a city code enforcement officer that it had to be moved. Mabry said he moved the unicorn to private property, just east of the home, which is on East Sixth Street near the intersection with X Street.

Mabry said he’s working on finding a permanent home for the unicorn, which he had been storing, in pieces, in his garage.

The Trojan horse was built for a production at the Portland Art Museum. Mabry added a horn to cheer up his friend who loves collecting unicorn figurines.

Under city code, only operable vehicles are allowed to be parked in the public right-of-way.