Fishing Report, Sept. 12



Chinook salmon retention in the lower Columbia River is closed from Friday through Sept. 30 downstream of Warrior Rock on Sauvie Island.

Anglers can continue to retain both wild and hatchery chinook upstream of Warrior Rock, but catches in the area have not matched those from downstream.

Angler checks from Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife:

Lower Columbia

• Cathlament, 7 bank anglers with one steelhead kept; 59 boaters with 25 chinook and 1 coho kept and 22 chinook released.

• Longview, 44 bank anglers with 8 chinook kept and 10 released; 145 boaters with 32 chinook kept and 67 released.

• Cowlitz, 102 boaters with 46 chinook and one steelhead kept and 132 adult chinook and one jack released.

• Kalama, 119 bank anglers with 22 chinook kept and 58 released; 111 boaters with 26 chinook kept and 108 adult chinook and two jacks released.

• Woodland, 38 bank anglers with eight chinook kept and nine released; 125 boaters with 47 chinook kept and 68 released

• Vancouver, 88 bank anglers with 13 chinook kept; 254 boaters with 85 chinook and two steelhead kept; 11 chinook and one coho released.

• Area 3, 20 boaters with six chinook kept and one coho released.

• Camas/Washougal, 1 bank anglers with no catch; 62 boaters with two chinook kept and two released.

• Bonneville, 16 bank anglers with one chinook jack released; 2 boaters with no catch.