Letter: Don’t pass up opportunity



To all the folks out there who are so worried about their homes and property getting covered in coal dust, after Millennium Bulk Terminals starts exporting coal, what is wrong with you? I would invite you down to sit at the Kelso train depot and watch how many unit trains of coal go by each and every day. Take special notice at how clean the air is as these 125-car trains pass through our beautiful town. I have stopped to watch many coal trains go by — I don’t see the dust. I don’t see it on BNSF tracks and I don’t see it at the houses and businesses closest to the tracks.

Maybe you should take notice of how many vacant businesses there are in the Longview-Kelso area. I see the “We Can Do Better” signs in town, but who is “we”? If “we” can do better, then where is all the new business? I don’t see companies fighting for the chance to open up here.

We need Millennium Bulk Terminals. The people of Longview-Kelso deserve the chance at some great jobs. Before you throw stones, give them a chance, and see what Millennium can do for the community.

Dixie Bailey