Letter: Risk discounted for jobs



Out-of-state coal and oil companies are trying to persuade local citizens that we will benefit from fossil fuel exports flooding through Vancouver on their way to domestic and overseas markets. Clark County is an epicenter in this urgent fight pitting unacceptable risks against possible jobs.

Buried in the Sept. 1 story, “In the eye of the energy storm: County in national spotlight in fight over coal and oil terminals,” is the heart of the matter. A Savage Companies executive acknowledges climate change concerns but advocates anyway for short-term fossil fuel “needs.” Coal companies push for narrow scoping on proposed coal export terminals, ignore climate change concerns and relentlessly pursue company profits.

It is time we stand our ground against short-term profit, ensuring a safe and healthy environment for ourselves and future generations. Join concerned citizens in testifying for a broad scope in the environmental review process for the Longview coal export terminal proposal. Get details at http://www.powerpastcoal.org.

Cathryn Chudy