Letter: The grass is always greener …



The Sept. 9 letter “There ought to be a law,”about the auto exhaust method of mole removal, really gave me a chuckle. It took me back 40 years, to when my lawn had to be perfect.

I had a front throw reel mower, the same as is used on golf greens. Every line, every corner had to be perfect. My wife wouldn’t touch the lawn for fear of being criticized. My lawn was utter perfection so imagine my horror when I got up one morning to — moles! Back then, my pickup still had a pull choke and catalytic converters were rare. So I took a neighbor’s advice and stuck the exhaust hose in the mole hole and ran the truck a while. Success. The mole left. However, for those of you who have looked at the back end of a giraffe, that’s what my lawn looked like for months. The exhaust killed all the grass roots where the mole had been, so I had this giant yellow jigsaw puzzle in my perfect lawn.

I didn’t repeat that method of mole removal. After that, I found the working mound, sat quietly for hours with a shotgun. The ground moved, blam. No more mole. That’s probably illegal now. Oh well, it worked.

Scotty Richardson