Mutilated cat part of a series of vandalisms at Orchards Elementary School

By Susan Parrish, Columbian Education Reporter



Staff at Orchards Elementary School discovered a mutilated cat in an entryway before school started Thursday morning.

A staff member of the school, at 11405 N.E. 69th St., removed the cat before students arrived, Evergreen Public Schools spokesman Kris Fay said.

This is the most recent vandalism incident at the school in 10 days. The school was tagged with paint Sept. 3, the day of back-to-school night. On Sept. 8, a window was broken, Fay said.

Clark County sheriff’s deputies were notified, Fay said, and will be doing nighttime patrols at the school.

“Our cleaning service also will be more cognizant of what’s going on around the building,” Fay said.

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