Letter: Senate debate is pointless



I listened to those speaking before the Senate committee. Taken point by point:

  1. If action is not taken against Assad it isn’t a U.S. failure. The failure is that of every nation that signed the U.N. agreement, including Syria, Iran and Russia. Secretary of State John Kerry’s argument that failure is the United States’ proves the dysfunctional mental capacity of Kerry.

  2. Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., focused on the horrific pictures of dead children, claiming such an atrocity demanded an American response. Abortion in America kills three times that many unborn Americans each month. So why her big concern? Surely Americans should be the first concern of this elected representative of the American people.

  3. No war can be fought without “boots on the ground.” This one won’t be either. Sarin is a gas. Puncture a canister, and the gas goes airborne. Then what happens? Are we so brain dead we don’t realize a missile attack will puncture canisters?

  4. Could the insanity of President Obama’s decisions get any worse? The headlines the day after the strike: Extra, Extra. Read all about it! Obama initiates World War III, as authorized by the U.S. Congress!

Jim Williamson