Letter: Be versed in intent behind bills



Several religion-based bills are moving around the Washington state Legislature.

Senate Resolution 8652 says “the state of Washington … does not entertain concern that religious practices, beliefs, or laws offer a threat to the law of our land.” I contend that religious laws threaten our freedoms. I offer as evidence both Shariah and Puritan law.

Senate Bill 5927 allows business owners and service providers to shut their doors on customers based on “religious beliefs.” This bill will promote religious bigotry. It will also promote racial or sexual bigotry blamed on religion.

House Bill 1120 would take tax dollars from reserve officers and volunteer firefighters to pay for the retirements of volunteer chaplains. Americans stopped paying taxes to the Church of England after the Revolutionary War, so I see no reason to start paying taxes into chaplain retirement funds.

House Bill 2031 allows employers to create hostile religious work environments as “Employers may conduct employee meetings, disseminate literature, or send emails to employees regarding their political and religious views but shall not be able to require employees to attend these meetings, or listen to, or respond to, or participate in this communication.”

There are bills about church tax exemptions, on abortion, on adoption, one honoring the Brush Prairie Baptist Church, two celebrating Catholic schools, and two requesting additional religious holidays.

Dave Norris

Battle Ground