Letter: Strike light rail off the list



I read the Sept. 8 local view “For good of the region, legislators must compromise” by Rep. Jim Moeller, D-Vancouver. Compromise with a progressive is “we will do as we please as long as the other fellow pays for it.”

What does Moeller not understand about the word “no” as to what the majority of the people in Clark County want? A handful of elected officials always seem to know what’s good for the general population; then they get elected and change their stripes.

What does light rail have to do with Washington state’s “position as one of the nation’s foremost trade states”? Compromise and build the Interstate 5 bridge without light rail and save an additional $86 million by raising the bridge to 120 feet so the companies upstream can ship their products. Oh, I forgot, that’s too steep for the little train. When Vancouver gets so big and needs light rail, build a tunnel for it — probably at less cost than the low bridge.

Moeller says, “We cannot fall victim to narrow-minded, short-sighted sound bites that are worth neither the paper they’re printed on nor the e-folderol they’re transmitted on.” I am one proud taxpayer to be in the “narrow minded, short-sighted” citizen category who does not think light rail has a priority in Vancouver.

Donald Farnsworth