Letter: Details in label better for consumer



On the November ballot, Washington state voters will decide whether to require labels on food products that contain genetically modified organisms. Initiative 522 is a straightforward citizens’ initiative to label GMOs.

I-522 will not harm Washington’s family farmers. Much of Washington’s agricultural produce is exported to countries that already require GMO labeling, and growers are already accustomed to labeling laws.

I-522 will not cause increased food prices. Sixty-four other countries require labeling of GMO products, and none of them have seen an increase in food prices as a result. In the U.S., we already label ingredients, nutrition facts, and common allergens, and the systems to monitor these for accuracy are already in place. Adding one more label will not cause an undue burden on food producers.

What I-522 will do is allow consumers to make informed choices about what we feed our families. GMO crops are specially engineered to withstand more pesticides and herbicides, toxic chemicals that end up in the foods that we eat. As consumers, we have a right to know if our food contains GMO ingredients.

Please join me in standing up for that right on Nov. 5. Vote “yes” on I-522.

Becky Neal