Letter: Quality of life improved by employer



I’ve been employed at the old Reynolds Metals Co. site in Longview for seven years now. When Millennium Bulk Terminal took over in 2011, none of us knew what to expect or if we would even have a job. Since day one, they let us know that we’re a family and in it for the long haul. They’ve given us good family-wage jobs, vacation time, matched our 401(k), and offered great insurance. Millennium made it possible for me to send my oldest daughter to college, my son to senior prom, and I’m able to buy nice school clothes for my youngest daughter. I support my family on one income, I don’t work ungodly hours for a decent paycheck, and we have a much better quality of life.

If given the chance, Millennium can keep offering great family-wage jobs so lots of people can have this type of experience along with job security. Millennium is by the far the best job I’ve ever had, and I hope my last so I can retire right here at Millennium.

Give coal a chance. I am.

Eric Rosellini