Letter: Speak out at hearings on coal



Ambre Energy is proposing to ship coal to China through Longview, coal which comes mostly from federal lands for an average cost of $1 per ton (http://bit.ly/NXjCiM). They promise jobs and taxes, but who is to pay for the necessary infrastructure upgrades and maintenance? Modern coal terminals are highly automated, providing jobs for computers and few people.

Coal dust is laden with heavy metals. Dust from the proposed 18 or more trains per day going through our area would be lost within close proximity to the Columbia River, guaranteeing that winter rains will wash it into the river. We have to weigh our health, the health of salmon runs and climate change for this and future generations against gains promised by those who would profit the most.

Let’s leave coal in the ground until it can be used in the U.S. safely. Gasified and liquefied, it can provide future generations access to fossil fuels if needed. Selling our resources cheap to Asia to profit corporations today is bad public policy.

Protect Vancouver from dirty coal exports. Speak out at the hearings for the coal terminal in Longview. It is especially important that we attend the hearing here on Oct. 9 at the Clark County Fairgrounds, public comment from 1 to 4 p.m. and 5 to 8 p.m.

Dianne Kocer

Brush Prairie