Cargo vessel detained on way to Vancouver due to violations



A large cargo vessel on its way to Vancouver was detained in Portland this week after an inspection found numerous safety deficiencies aboard the 618-foot ship, according to the U.S. Coast Guard.

Most of the deficiencies aboard the Stargold Trader were related to fire hazards, according to the Coast Guard. Those included excessive oil leaks in the engine room, and the vessel’s primary firefighting system being found in disrepair. Eight of the ship’s 19 fire hoses failed inspections, and multiple leaks were found in its fire main piping.

The vessel remained halted on the Willamette River near downtown Portland on Thursday. It won’t be allowed to go to sail until the deficiencies are corrected by its crew, according to the Coast Guard.

The Stargold Trader, registered in Panama and operated by Golden Management Company, is set to load copper in Vancouver once the problems are fixed. It will then depart for Vancouver, B.C., according to the Coast Guard.