Weather Eye: Brace for stronger storm, winds as seasonal shift continues




Finally the rain broke through our protective dome over Clark County, and some heavy but brief rain showers moved through Saturday afternoon. Some dumped 1/4 to 1/2 inch in just minutes; the frogs were happy.

Friday’s weather forecast of rain during the evening commute was a bust with our county-wide rain shield. Heavy rain fell in southern Oregon and in the Puget Sound region with a few claps of thunder. Nothing here for me in Salmon Creek.

A much stronger storm moves inland from the Gulf of Alaska today with strong 40-50 mph winds along the coast and blustery 25-35 mph south winds locally. Maybe enough to snap a few limbs off. Rainfall amounts are expected to be about 1/2 to 1 inch today and tonight. A good day to zip down to the beach for a little preseason storm watching.

Fresh snow will fall on the Cascades above 6,000 feet, helping to cover all that bare rock up there. Unsettled weather remains with us until midweek, when high pressure moves overhead. If skies clear enough, overnight lows will drop to the lower 40s in the city and upper 30s in the outlying areas. This also means a couple of dry days.

It was very chilly Friday morning, with lows in the 40s and the 30s in the colder outlying areas. I could see my breath heading out the door Friday. Yes, summer is history now, folks.

It is getting cold in Alaska with many areas in the single digits and snow falling across the state. This will help storm development in the Gulf of Alaska, bringing rain to us for weeks to come.

Patrick Timm is a local weather specialist. His column appears Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays.