Letter: Tired of lame defense strategy



Why is it that every time I watch the news, where there is an African-American supporter of President Barack Obama, the discussion always comes down to this? If you disagree with Obama’s policies and decisions, you are a racist. I am so tired of this lame defense, even though the record and facts are correct. And even then, the only defense is playing the race card time and time again. For some reason, brainwashed by the likes of Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton, every white person is labeled a racist.

In every society on Earth, there are some degrees of racism, of every human color or religious belief. Racism is not inherent to our society. Nor is slavery for that matter. So, a piece of advice to you race mongers. You are the ones who are promoting racism in this country. If it were not for you mongers, who spread race poison, everyone would get along much better.

Robert Kerr