Fatal attack on pup at dog park spurs queries



The organization that operates an off-leash dog park at Pacific Community Park is asking for information about the mauling death of a 6-month-old cavapoo puppy.

Dog Owners Group for Park Access in Washington, known as Dogpaw, released a notice Wednesday asking for information about the attack, which took place sometime between 5:30 and 5:45 p.m. Saturday at Dakota Memorial Off-Leash Dog Park. According to witnesses, the puppy was chased by a pack of several larger dogs and then grabbed, bitten and viciously shaken by a large malamute or husky.

The organization is searching for a nursing student who aided the puppy’s owners and checked in with them later in the evening.

People with information are asked to contact Dogpaw President Cindy Franke at 360-608-1371 or cindyf@clarkdogpaw.org.

The attack came the same week that Dogpaw placed signs at the park asking dog owners to be more mindful of their dogs and to pick up their pets’ waste. While the dog area is located at a Clark County park, it is managed by volunteers at Dogpaw.